Marcy Villafaña Art

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Marcy Ann Villafaña – Mixed Media Artist Specializing in Portraits of the Feminine Form

Self Taught Artist, born and raised in sunny California and currently residing in the hottest spot in the US, Austin Texas.

My work is mostly of the feminine form. I see beauty in the light and dark spaces of the figure.Inspired by the works of the Da Vinci, Salvador Dali and the 70-80's Patrick Nagel I have derived my own style.

Unlike artist who can paint (which I  can do quite effortlessly), I find satisfaction in cutting cut paper .

Nothing new or fancy, not the new cutting technique, or cutting gadget, no curved blades, just precise, precision, dexterity, I control the cut with my eyes.

I discovered the love for this form as a teenager. I am constantly perfecting the medium.

I am nearsighted and hate to wear her glasses. I would relate to my friends by their sounds and their shapes. My art is all about shapes and forms. I love textures in nature and tries to incorporate both in my art which is 3 dimensional.

As a young child I loved puzzles. I was very quick at arrangement and finding the missing links.
This is also expressed in my arrangement of color and texture and my enjoyment of light and dark spaces.

In my admiration of Real Women, mothers, athletes, home makers, dancers, ... famous or not, women with uplifting attitudes, strong minded, caring, nurturing with good will I create masterful pieces to express the inner beauty, goddess and spirit within.

Radiant Beauty Captivates!


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